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FRENCH LANGUAGE - Level 1 /2 /3

Our Franchise language intensive programs are the most effective way to become proficient in the French language. This unique combination of theory and practice will provide you with an  in-depth knowledge of this beautiful language as well as the practical communication skills essential for your use of the language on a short and long-term basis.  To ensure personalized attention, we limit the number of students per class to a maximum of 10.

It is a full-time, 3 hours per day program that provides 2 hours of structured language courses including grammar, vocabulary enrichment, reading, Language Lab, writing and listening, in addition to 1 hour of daily conversation practice with our native speaker teachers within our Conversation Workshops.

Level 1 - FRENCH

The Level 1 French course is designed for beginners in a French language class. Conversation topics cover description of persons, objects, activities, and simple information gathering. The main grammar points introduced are gender and number of nouns; agreement between nouns, adjectives and articles; present tense of verbs; formal and informal address; reflexive verbs; and near future with the verb aller. Additional Information: This course does not qualify for General Education credit.

Level 2 - FRENCH

The Level 2 French course is designed for students who have some basic knowledge of the French language. Conversation topics cover situations in the workplace, restaurant, store, airport, travel agency. The main grammar points introduced are adjectives and adverbs, passe compose with e tre and avoir, reflexive verbs, negative expressions. Additional Information: This course does not qualify for General Education credit.

Level 3 - FRENCH

The Level 3 French course is designed for low-intermediate speakers and learners. French 3 consists of the following elements of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Conversation topics include recounting past activities and planning future activities in a variety of situations in private as well as public life. The main grammar points introduced are imperfect, direct and indirect object pronouns, interrogative pronouns. Additional Information: This course does not qualify for General Education credit.



Campus based - 795 Main St. Moncton NB, Canada


Weekly. (Contact us today regarding our intake availability)


3 months (3hrs/day, Monday- Friday)


Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome

Must be a Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident




A placement test was designed to help students informally assess their French language proficiency to gain a better idea of which course to begin their French studies at Aspire College. Students with no previous French language experience are welcome to take the test, but should register into French 1. The placement test focuses on knowledge of basic grammatical structures; it does not evaluate oral and written skills.


The placement test contains 50 multiple choice questions. It is recommended that students do the test without the use of any study aids to obtain a more accurate result. For more information please contact us by email at